General Secretary of Jamia Mohammadiah visited our School

Last Friday, on December 7th, 2018. Sheikh Ismail Rafaee Hafizahullah (General Secretary of Jamia Mohammadiyah) and Sheikh Hafiz Alauddin Asari Hafizahulllah(Vice Secretary of Jamia Mohammadiyah) visited Peace Global School and Zubaidah Global School. (Dabhakend, Murlipahari)
Let me tell you that Shuyoukh visited our School for the first time after taking on the management of Jamia Mohammadiyah Dabhakend.
Shuyoukh came to Peace Global School, an emerging school of the area for theĀ Islamic & Modern education.
Furthermore, a week ago, Sheikh Rahmatullah Rahmat, a teacher of Edward School, Jamtara had visited also. Sheikh prayed very much for the success of the school.
Along with them, Sheikh Obaidullah Faizi Hafizahullah (Teacher of Peace Global School) and Sheikh Mohammad Jahangir Salafi (Principal of Peace Global School) were also there.
They inspected the school with a lot of comforts. Al Hamdulillah.
They were very happy to see the educational management and cleanliness of the school and this filled their hearts with happiness.
And prayed from the deepest of their hearts that may Allah give growth to this school day by day. Aameen

Mohammad Sultan Adil
(08 December 2018)

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