School fees for the session (2019-20)

Dear Parents/Guardians, The school fee is fixed for a new session from April to March (2019-20)

Note:- Following Fees to be paid at the time of Admission or new session

Admission Fee - Rs. 700/- (Only for New Students)

Book Fee - Rs. 800/-

Quarterly fee:  Nursery and L.K.G (Three Months) - Rs. 900/-

U.K.G, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, classes (Three Months) - Rs. 1200/-

Exam, Id card, and Tour Fee - Rs. 400/-

School Van Fee - Rs. 300/-

(The school van fee is Rs. 300/- for up to 3 kilometers from the school, beyond 3 km, the school fee will be Rs. 100/- per km extra)


Principal: Md Jahangir As Salafi